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Join. Trade. Earn. Repeat.

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ZealTm Platform establishes a connection between the stock virtual market and individuals interested in market funding, capital liquidity and rebate opportunity.

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Zeal Global Market


Zeal Group is one of the world's largest and most trusted lending institution in the decentralized finance space and has already processed more than $723,545 USD trade lends for 212 clients within 1 month of establishment.


Its simple, just signup for an account login and proceed with our awesome ui account manager made to match global top rank investment programs.

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Zeal Crypto Card

The only crypto card that lets you spend the value of your crypto without selling it. Get instant cashback on all purchases and take advantage of flexible repayment options and #ZeroFees.

$ 0000000 USD

Zeal Group Predicted Market by August 2021

$ 0000000 USD

December 2020 Zeal Group Market


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Regulated Partner Brokers

We only work with popular, regulated, trusted brokers and borrowers having a good market reputation with full legal awareness to achieve 100% funds security.

Highest Paid Forex Rate

On user managed programs rebates and profit are not gained together but we assured 100% capital return and upto 15% tradable profit balance.

Automated Gateway

Enjoy flexible payment system with instant account update saving funding stress.

Reliable & Experienced Support

Our experienced and reliable support team are always there to help and guide you 24/7, just open a ticket or give us a call.


Supported Brokers & Business Groups

ZealTm platform is equipped and developed with the help and sponsorship of some top-quality brands, companies and private sectors. Starting from the virtual data to the platform prints, our tech workers ensure professionalism is applied.

We Are

Around The World

Explore our top-notch service from any corner of the world. ZealTm operates around the world and currently have active clients from more than 12+ countries.

Withdrawal options

We offers fast payment options and fund transfer for your comfort. Perform a direct account withdrawal or request a balance transfer to any of the supported broker listed above. ZealTm have other projects where your payout can serve as credits balance, like Zealtravel, Zeal Manager and Insurance, the ultimate Crypto Zeal Prepaid Card.

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Our features includes integrated tips that helps experts, amateurs, investors and market traders engage in less stress activity due to the applied ZealTm developments in their assets marketing and financial services.This is a project developed for the new, old, educated and non educated with all sharing equal rights within the establishment!

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